Outfit Of The Day: Going Boho

Outfit Of The Day: Going Boho

It’s easy to get stuck in a fashion rut sometimes, and I amongst many others am guilty of sometimes relying on a ‘uniform’ as such to dress myself on the day-to-day. But with so many great trends out there, it’s always fun to experiment and I’ve never been one to back away from a challenge. Today I wanted to share my tips and tricks for styling a staple summer piece; the boho midi dress, to help break you out of your summer comfort zone, and try something new. When JD Williams recently asked if I wanted to pick out and style up one of their gorgeous dresses, I jumped at the chance and settled on this beautifully boho off-the-shoulder dress.

Outfit Of The Day: Going Boho

Outfit Of The Day: Going Boho

Off-the-shoulder is everywhere right now, and is one of my favourite summer trends. My top tip though is to shop tops and dresses that have the option of being worn off and on the shoulder. This dress has that very option, and looks great both ways. It can totally change the look, and is a great way of maximising outfits while minimising holiday packing. My next tip with midi dresses is definitely to go for something with even the hint of a heel on the foot. As the majority of your leg is covered, it creates the illusion of you being taller, and I find the dresses just fall in a more flattering place when you’re wearing even a small heel.

Outfit Of The Day: Going Boho

Tip number 3 is pretty self-explanatory, but when in doubt- hitch it up a little. I folded this dress under the elastic waist to bring it up a couple of inches, so that it fell where I wanted it on my leg, for the most flattering fit. It stayed in place all day, but popping a cute belt on can do the trick too if the fabric is more mobile. It gives you the option of lengthening the dress whenever you want, without the commitment and cost of having it altered. Tip number 4 particularly when you’re packing for a trip- is to pick out a piece, be it more plain or patterned like this one- that has multiple colours in it for different accents. This dress has some orange, burgundy, cream- you name it, so there’s a multitude of colours to pick out of it and emphasise or clash with accessories- again it can make the look completely different, and mix it up for day and night.

Outfit Of The Day: Going Boho

Outfit Of The Day: Going Boho

Those are just a few of my little tips for styling up summer pieces, especially the midi dress which is one of my all-time faves! This was the perfect dress to wander along the canals of Little Venice here in London, and will 100% be in my suitcase for Santorini later in the summer. I wore this dress with my rust-coloured Pull & Bear platforms, La Moda bag, vintage and The Great Frog rings, and my failsafe Forever 21 sunglasses, (because some things never change). The dress is a very summery bargain at £24 now in the JD Williams sale, and you can pick it up here if you love it as much as I do! If you want something fun, breezy and mega beautiful to flounce around in on your upcoming holidays- this is the one.

Outfit Of The Day: Going Boho

That’s it for today’s outfit post, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think of these tips, and of this look- I’d love to know as always. I’ll be back this weekend with a make up haul for you guys, so make sure to check that out this coming Sunday. Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. This look is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! In love with the dress!

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