My Carrie Bradshaw Moment

My Carrie Bradshaw Moment

Few fashionistas come as highly influential as Carrie Bradshaw, AKA the queen of Sex And The City. Ever since Sarah Jessica Parker hit TV screens in the ’90s as the iconic character, and the amazing Patricia Field dressed her from head to toe, replicating Carrie’s many looks has been high on every fashion gal’s agenda. Of course, like every Sex And The City fan, I’ve always adored the vast array of crazy outfits, hairdos, accessories and shoes. Few things scream Carrie Bradshaw though the way that her name necklace does, and I can’t tell you how long I’ve had my eye on similar necklaces to Carrie’s trademark one. This month the lovely guys at Names4Ever got in touch to see if I wanted to have my own ‘Camilla’ necklace made up in the Carrie style, and so of course I jumped at the chance, and thought I’d share my Carrie moment! You can also check it out in my latest haul here.

My Carrie Bradshaw Moment

My Carrie Bradshaw Moment

Having seen some of my close friends have their names made up into necklaces, I couldn’t wait to get my own. The only thing that had held me back so far, was how expensive some Carrie necklaces are, and also how none of the fonts I saw seemed to come close to the classic Carrie one. Then of course, Names4Ever stepped in, who not only have the exact Carrie necklace and font, they also give you the option of spending a little on costume jewellery, or a little bit more on what you might class as fine jewellery. If you’re after your name necklace in silver, some styles will only set you back £25.95, which in my opinion is an absolute steal!

My Carrie Bradshaw Moment

The options are almost limitless, as if you’re not into the classic Carrie font, there are so many other modern and cute fonts to choose from, so you can really make the necklace feel like you. With Christmas coming up in a few months I think these are a great idea to get your friends and relatives. I know so many of my friends who have and love them, and a gift like this shows that you’ve really thought about it- especially if they’re Sex And The City mad too! If you fancy treating yourself to something you know you’ll wear day-in, day-out too then look no further. These necklaces are the perfect present for yourself- I haven’t taken my Camilla necklace off since day one, and it looks great alone as well as layered up with all of my charm necklaces and accessories. It’s so versatile, and just as Carrie wore hers with everything, I feel like this goes with absolutely everything I own too.

My Carrie Bradshaw Moment

My Carrie Bradshaw Moment

That’s it for today’s post, be sure to check out your perfect style at Names4Ever right here. Let me know which one you would pick- I’d love to know! I went the ‘safe’ route with the classic Carrie, but do tell me which one(s) you feel are really you! I’ll be back again this weekend with a little Autumn round-up vlog, with some clips from exciting events around London this month. This video was actually supposed to go up last weekend, but I actually ended up filming more that I want to add in, so this weekend it is! Be sure to check back here for that on Sunday and I’ll see you all soon. Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. Oh I love this look so much. The coat is amazing! Have a fun week!

    xo, Bry


  2. Omg leopard print fur! I love! Btw! I enjoy viewing your blog! Maybe you might like mine at

  3. That necklace is awesome! And I’m loving that animal print coat!

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