Outfit Of The Day: The Transition

Autumn has officially landed in the UK, it’s getting a little chillier day by day- and while it’s not full coat weather, there’s call for a scarf at least. It’s that inbetween transitional time of year, where your summer dresses can still have one last hoorah, but with your wintery accessories thrown over the top. At least that was the method behind the latest outfit that I shot for you to see. Here I am sporting a summer dress with legwarmers, boots and a scarf. Because why the hell not? As they say; the devil’s in the details.

Outfit Of The Day: The Transition

Earlier this month I was contacted by Zalando, who got me all excited about their latest Autumn/Winter collection that’s just launched onsite. I couldn’t wait to style up some pieces for you guys, and Zalando very kindly let me pick out some of the gorgeous new pieces from their Autumn/Winter drop. Here’s my take on some of their newest releases. The first piece I picked out was this amazing scarf, call it a snood, call it an infinity scarf, whatever you want to call it, it’s a scarf- and a tasseled one at that. We’ve already gone over how crazy I am for tassels this year, and I couldn’t resist this snugly number. I love how grey can really add dimension to an outfit, which is why I didn’t go for my trademark black- which this scarf also comes in. At £18 this is a great, affordable addition to your winter wardrobe, and you can pick it up in the grey or the black here. Just look at it, why wouldn’t you?!

Outfit Of The Day: The Transition

Secondly I opted for these super cute red boots. I had a pair just like these a couple of winters back, which you may remember if you’ve been reading my blog a while. (A big shout out and a thank you if you have!) I jumped at the chance to own a pair of red suede boots again, they just add a pop of colour to any monochromatic outfit. Being as I wear so much red, especially lipstick, it’s lovely to have a pair of comfy yet cute boots that can pick up that accent colour when I’m wearing it. These are fleece-lined and heavenly for days where you’re going to clock up a few miles of walking, but still want to look put-together. At £35 these are a great price point, and you’ll more than make your money back when it comes to cost-per-wear. You can pick them up here.

Outfit Of The Day: The Transition

Finally over my boots I’ve got some cosy legwarmers. I love chunky socks and legwarmers in Autumn/Winter- particularly as I wear big boots and particularly Dr. Martens so often. As these red boots are reasonably low, I wanted to make sure that my ankles were nice and toasty between my leggings and my socks, so the chill couldn’t creep in. I love that these legwarmers add to the grey theme with the scarf, and the slight ombre effect they’ve got going on. You can pick up these legwarmers for yourself here! Overall I think these key accessories updated my well-loved summer dress and lumberjack-esque throw-over. The dress and jacket are wardrobe staples I always go back to, but with these on-trend accessories in tow, they stop becoming stale and unloved!

Outfit Of The Day: The Transition

That’s it for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget that for an easy wardrobe update- you can go check out Zalando‘s latest Autumn/Winter collection- there are plenty of swoon-worthy treats on there to keep you occupied this whole Winter season. Be sure to come back this weekend when I’ll hopefully be uploading a brand new video. I say hopefully as I’m waiting for a few more bits to arrive in the post ready to film with- but fingers crossed they arrive by the weekend! Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. I love those boots! Wish I could snag a pair but I’m taking a year off from shopping for clothes. If you want, you can read about it on my blog.

    Have courage,

  2. I love the jacket, it gives the perfect Street style. I was looking for something similar, but I didn’t find it… Great outfit!

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