Outfit Of The Day: At The Close Of Summer

OOTD: The Close Of Summer
I’m back with an outfit of the day for you guys, and it’s probably going to be my last even remotely summery outfit for this year, hence the title! This is an all-vintage outfit that I wore for a wedding last month and thought I’d share, before it’s too cold to be relevant! I thought I’d post it as a little inspiration for anyone who has any events coming up- to inspire you to shop vintage- as it can be done on a budget, trust me! Aside from the fact that you’re saving money, and helping the environment by recycling, there’s also not a chance that someone else will be wearing the same thing you are! What more could you possibly want?

OOTD: The Close Of Summer

If there’s one thing I hate about events, it’s the shopping for an appropriate dress, (usually under time pressure), which leads you more often that not to choose something you’re not entirely happy with, just to serve that one purpose. That’s why, back in February, yes February, when I spotted this dress in Brighton’s Snooper’s Attic, I snapped it up, knowing that it would be perfect for this wedding at the end of July- even if it was a tad early to be buying it. (I actually ended up getting my dress before the bride!) I’ve had a soft spot for Indian inspired dresses ever since my stint living and working in Mumbai as a Grazia intern back in university, and this dress was no exception. It happens to also be my absolute favourite colour- red, so there was no resisting.

OOTD: The Close Of Summer

As soon as I had this £38 bargain under my belt, I could start accessorising, and the next step was a cute vintage bag. I wanted gold to accent the gorgeous fern detailing on the dress and searched high and low for a genuine ’60s ‘shell’ bag. After trawling the pages of Etsy and various online vintage stores, I finally happened upon this one in Retromania- a fab vintage charity shop in Victoria, run by Fara. At £25 it was a great price for this barely-used, vintage bag, and I snapped it up! This style of bag is so Mad Men, and this one is surprisingly roomy, and fits in far more than you’d expect. Betty Draper might not have had an iPhone 5, but it still fits!

OOTD: The Close Of Summer
On to the final pieces- shoes which I borrowed from my lovely Mum, who has the biggest collection in the world. Unfortunately these were super uncomfortable as well as beautiful and actually fell apart on the walk home post-Wedding! Even though they are no longer with us, these shoes served their purpose well, and added to the gold accenting. Finally I opted for these super gypsy-esque hoops which I adore. At a couple of pounds these were a steal in New Look’s summer sale, and again I love how they brought out and emphasised the gold tones. That’s it for today’s outfit of the day- I hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned as there’ll be a video up on my channel this weekend and another outfit of the day for you this time next week. Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. I so love this look! Fantastic red dress. Have a fun week!

    xo, Bry


  2. You look amazing. Love the dress. I definitely need to start going vintage shopping!

    M xx

    The CSI Girls

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