Behind The Scenes: Rocket Dog’s Blog Breakfast

Rocket Dog Blog Breakfast

Like most people, I love a good breakfast- throw in a killer view of London and rows of shoes, and you can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be in heaven. Well, that’s exactly what happened when Rocket Dog held their blog breakfast a couple of weeks back, to introduce some of their brand spanking new boots as well as tonnes of summer appropriate shoes. A few other bloggers and I headed over to the Walkie Talkie building’s Sky Garden- which is a little like the Eden Project in a skyscraper- talk about swanky! I thought I’d take you guys along, so got snapping away to bring you not only all the latest Rocket Dog releases, but that view too!

Rocket Dog Blog Breakfast

Over breakfast a group of us got talking about our first encounter with Rocket Dog shoes. I actually remember my first pair of Rocket Dog platform flip flops, that only had their final outing a few years ago. After receiving them as a gift from my Mum, I wore the hell out of them throughout my entire journey at university, as living in a beach town is not the place to break in anything else! They saw me through everything from running errands, hanging out with friends, walking to lectures, to heading for a surf. They became absolute BFFs with my wetsuit and I still have fond memories of them. I was happy to see that Rocket Dog still carry them, albeit with slightly different designs on the platform to keep them updated. Mine were rainbow striped and had little stars on them!

Rocket Dog Blog Breakfast

Rocket Dog Blog Breakfast

Of course being a city dweller now, the boots for me are much more appropriate these days, and I loved the array they had on offer. Rocket Dog do detail really well, and I love the subtle features that just add extra interest into their boots. Needless to say, the tables of boots were where I spent most of my time! Onto the breakfast, and boy did they put on a spread. As well as a gorgeous continental buffet, we were also treated to the best eggs benedict I have ever had. And I do consider myself a connoisseur of eggs benedict, (my Dad previously held the record for the best poached eggs, but sshh don’t tell him!) I met so many other lovely shoe-obsessed gals and pretty much just had a perfect morning! I’m so grateful to Rocket Dog for inviting me, and they even let us take home a plain white pair of sneaker-esque shoes to customise ourselves. I’ll be sure to share those with you when they’re done- my boyfriend is currently Day-Of-The-Dead-ing them up, as he has some mad illustration skills, that I do not possess!

Rocket Dog Blog Breakfast

Rocket Dog Blog Breakfast

That’s it for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed that little BTS of the Rocket Dog Blog Breakfast. If you’d like to see more, I put up a little vlog of some press days I’ve been to recently, including this one, so I’ll link that here. This weekend I’ll have a Depop Tips video going up, to compliment the blog post I wrote all about that recently, so that’ll be up on Sunday! Until next time…

Millie x

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