Using Depop: My Tips

As you guys probably know, I’m a bit of a Depop-a-holic, I absolutely love the app, and am on it 24/7. Having been an avid Ebay shopper and seller for years, when Depop launched, I finally felt like the app had arrived that made it all a lot easier, and more user friendly to shop and sell online. As much as I love Ebay, and still use it occasionally, I feel like Depop has genuinely changed how I buy and sell online now, and there’s no going back! I’ve reached a point where I really feel like I know what I’m doing, I’ve got this app down, and have made a fair few sales to go along with it, and I often get messages through the app asking for tips on building a strong profile. So, today I thought I’d go through all my tips and tricks for using the app, whether you’re buying or selling!

Using Depop: My Tips

Take decent photos. I can’t stress this enough, neither can the app itself, which has a tutorial on it that you can access from the homepage! They don’t have to be fancy or filled with props, just make sure they’re clear and represent the item honestly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve passed on an item because the picture was dark, blurry or shot haphazardly on someone’s wardrobe door. If you don’t care about the item, no one else will. Remember postage costs. As much as you want to sell your items and make room in your wardobe, remember that you have to pay for postage. Even a second class small parcel is £2.80, so factor that into the price, and don’t forget it when accepting offers! Don’t be lazy. I mean this in terms of posting- it’s imperative that you post things on time, when you say you will, but also with messages and comments. The sooner you reply to people, the more likely they are to buy from you, two days after they’ve made you an offer, they’ve probably lost interest, and you’ve lost a sale!

Using Depop: My Tips

Keep your old packaging. Shop online a lot? Receive a lot of parcels? Keep the packaging and reuse it to keep down packaging costs. Be resourceful so you’re not eating into your profit! Remember to always get a proof of postage too so you can prove to your customer that you actually have posted the item! Pay through the app. There’s a strong trend on Depop for paying directly through Paypal as if you’re friends and family, but it can be dangerous. Once you’ve paid that way, you’ve said goodbye to your money with no guarantee if you don’t receive your item. If you pay through the app, yes the seller has to pay 10% to Depop, but you can claim if you never get your item. As a seller I recommend having your customers pay through Paypal as without paying through the app, you won’t get reviewed. Reviews are so important as they prove that you’re reliable! Be wary of swaps. Just as with paying through Paypal friends and family, you have no guarantee that the other person will actually send you your item! I personally love swapping on Depop, but I only do it with people I know and/or have bought from or sold to before so I trust them.

Using Depop: My Tips

Finally another recommendation would be to go through your wardrobe regularly. I go through mine about once a week and filter out things I don’t wear. Try things on that you’re unsure of, as you may have forgotten why you never wear it. Is it too short? Does it hang strangely on you? If you’re not 100% sure on it, there’ll be someone who’ll love it, so snap it, upload it, and sell it! That way you can buy yourself something else, and a profile that’s regularly updated is far more likely to make sales! That’s it for today’s post I hope it was somewhat helpful to some of you starting out on Depop. If you’d like to see things I’ve bought on Depop, you can check out my three past Depop hauls, here, here, and here on my channel! Likewise if you’d like to check out my Depop and shop my stash, then click here! Don’t forget to come back on Sunday for my latest video and I’ll see you all soon. Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. So informative post ! Thank you for it. ❤

  2. Reblogged this on thegreatflower and commented:
    Finally I have found someone in a similar position to me who seems to love Depop, because it is easier than Ebay. Admittedly I still use Ebay but I do agree with you on the simplicity of it all. You provide some amazing tips and lets hope that with the new changes depop are making there will be less scammers taking people’s money with swaps and paypal friends and family payment.

  3. Thank you for positing this! I’m opening a depop shop for my poetry in the coming weeks and I’m looking for all the tips I can find!!
    Love Chloe-Rose xx

  4. Hello, I have a question. How can I find things that I liked. I’m new and I thought I would be able to find them again, but I can’t seem to. Please help haha

  5. Why would you use that packaging though if you can get priority mailers from the post office for free?? You can order them and get sent to your house or just go and get them from your local post office. That way when you send your package it doesn’t look beat up and used.

  6. Ahh I’ve always thrown old packaging away and since getting started on depop I really wish I hadn’t. Do you know anywhere that sells cheap packaging? i’ve been looking online a lot and saw that Kraft brown paper packaging could be an inexpensive solution? (£2.85 on Amazon) what do you think?

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