Skull-spiration: Celebrabis Vitae

Skull-spiration: Celebrabis Vitae

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean that my love of the slightly macabre has dwindled in the slightest. When my lovely friend Carrie informed me of The Skull Appreciation Society’s latest exhibition- I couldn’t help but jump in with both feet and embrace the theme. The exhibition, titled Celebrabis Vitae was in homage to the Mexican Day of the Dead, and invited a range of incredible artists to interpret that theme and produce a piece that evoked that famous Mexican celebration. Amongst a wide range of fabulous works were pieces by Lauren Baker- an artist I’ve had the pleasure of meeting after taking part in one of her skull workshops, where we decorated our own Day of the Dead skulls. (If you’d like to read more on that there’s a whole blog post here). Adorning skulls with glitter, patterns, mosaics and beading is her speciality and her work fit seamlessly into the exhibition.

Skull-spiration: Celebrabis VitaeSkull-spiration: Celebrabis Vitae

The exhibition was split into three main rooms in the Box Studio, Shoreditch, which made the perfect venue. Incorporated into the exhibition were sculptures, installations, line work, paintings and mixed media pieces all available to buy, as well as a range of amazing and more affordable skull-themed pieces in the reception area. Cans of Pistonhead emblazoned with their trademark skull were passed around, and the whole experience felt wonderfully informal compared to some other exhibitions I’ve visited lately- which was a welcome surprise. The open space and informality invited discussion and general chit chat that made for a great ambiance, adding to the liberal day of the dead decorations, candles and incense.

Skull-spiration: Celebrabis VitaeSkull-spiration: Celebrabis Vitae

My favourite pieces were a shrine in the fireplace (which wasn’t a sale piece, but a studio decoration), Lauren Baker’s pieces of course were amazing, but the large fourth picture here was by far my favourite. It would definitely have been coming home with me if I had a spare £350. The range of work was outstanding and extremely well-edited, making it a thoroughly inspiring yet concise collection. Sadly I caught the exhibition on its final night, but The Skull Appreciation Society have their own blog which is always being updated, so if you want to keep on top of future skull-themed events like this, then definitely check them out here.

Skull-spiration: Celebrabis Vitae

That’s it for today’s post! Apologies for having been MIA for the past month, my life has been work, work and more work and has left little time for much else! But, normal service will be resuming from here on in, and there’s a new schedule! I will now be updating my blog every Wednesday and Sunday, with Sunday’s post featuring my weekly Youtube video! Let me know what you guys think of this exhibition, are you a skull lover aswell? Leave me a comment below and/or tweet me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. Thanks for the great write up! Feels good to read something so positive. The exhibition was one big whirlwind of late nights, stress kebabs, wicked art and good people.


    Doug (one of the three behind Skull Society)

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