The SHTHS Guide To Thrifting

Guide To Thrifting

Today I thought I’d go into my top tips for thrifting, being as I’m uploading my big thrift haul this weekend. I thought this post would serve as a good resource to direct readers to, for some good old tips on finding gems in the charity shops. These tips may seem like common sense to more seasoned thrifters, but I thought I’d share a few things that cross my mind during, and before I go on a thrifting trip.

Guide To Thrifting

Have pieces in mind. Having a wishlist will often help you to navigate your way through the tat to the treasure. Instead of buying a brand new, worn-effect denim jacket, go to the charity shop with that in mind and focus on searching for an original for less. Don’t rule out sections. Don’t go straight for womenswear and assume that’s the only place you’ll find an amazing piece. I’ve found some of my best pieces in the men’s section, and my BFF recently scored an amazing oversized kids’ parka that’s so Zara and fits perfectly! Consider the maintenance cost. When looking at a piece and wondering whether it’s worth it, consider how much it’ll cost to repair or dry clean. I’ve scored great, affordable pieces before, but the cost of dry cleaning them has far surpassed what I paid for them- not so cheap!

Guide To Thrifting

Try on as much as possible. Deal or not, you don’t want to fill your wardrobe with ill-fitting pieces and build up a collection of your own to donate again! If you’d try it on in a high street store, do the same while thrifting. Don’t be disheartened. No one wanders into a charity shop and finds their whole autumn/winter look in one go. You have to go back often to stay up to date with what’s new in your local shops, so you can pounce on all the new merchandise. Don’t lose faith if you go on fruitless trips, those gems are right around the corner! That’s all for today! Let me know some of your thrifting and charity shop-shopping tips, I’d love to know what you do! Feel free to leave me your comments or any questions you might have, and you can always alternatively tweet me @MillieDelacoe. Don’t forget that my thrift haul will be up this weekend, so check back then for more. Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. Actually great tips, I do the same while thrift shopping! Men´s shirts section is like the best ever, I find the most amazing stuff for so cheap, that noo ne else has! Btw those shirts are absolutely gorgeous, nice finds!:)

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