Get The Look: The Sci-Fi Summer Shoe

Get The Look: The Sci-Fi Summer Shoe

They’re all over the high street at the moment, cleated soled, shiny metallic, clunky-in-a-good-way summer shoes. They are the look for SS14 and who’s to argue with you if you want to invest in some intergalactic-fantastic footwear? This trend could not be more me, and I’m embracing it with open arms, despite usually being a hater of summer footwear. That ladies and gentlemen, has changed. River Island, take a bow, you’ve converted me to wearing sandals.

Get The Look: The Sci-Fi Summer Shoe

Whether you’re a sci-fi fan like myself and want to work it into every inch of your wardrobe, or you have a penchant for metallics, we can all agree that these, to use the erudite term, are beauts. In the two most ‘it’ shades this year, silver and white, there’s little these won’t go with. They’re perfect for keeping your outfits clean, minimal, a bit more masculine and most importantly for me, looking space shuttle appropriate (although they’re really not!) If you’re absolutely done with the global traveller trend, and want something more directional than the normal nude summer wedge, then these are the thing.

Get The Look: The Sci-Fi Summer Shoe

These will set you back £40, which I think personally is a tad overpriced. The reason I say this, is that these are extremely light. They’re perfect for packing on holiday as they weigh about as much as a biro, but these feel slightly cheaper than River Island’s usual sturdy, weighty footwear. This minor niggle aside, I’m besotted, and I think you will be too. These are online at River Island now (here) and I’d snap them up as they won’t be around for long. I’ve also seen them in multiple stores at the moment if you fancy trying them on first, hooray!

Get The Look: The Sci-Fi Summer Shoe

I’ll love you and leave you, let me know what you think of these statement shoes, I’d love to know! Comment below or tweet me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

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