The Halloween TAG

So it’s the Halloween weekend, and it was the big day yesterday, so I thought there was no better time to do the Halloween TAG. My lovely friend and fellow blogger Jade from J’adore Jade tagged me to do this when she recently posted it on her blog here. So here is my take on this year’s Halloween TAG, enjoy!


What Is Your Favourite Halloween Movie?

I wouldn’t say that I have a favourite Halloween movie, mostly because I tend to go out on Halloween and enjoy the festivities. Really my favourite thing to watch to feel all Halloween inspired is Sabrina The Teenage Witch. All the old episodes are on Youtube, and the Halloween episodes are always the best ones! Grab a cup of tea and settle down on the sofa in front of a few episodes ASAP!

1-10 How Much Do You Enjoy Halloween?

I would say a 10, because whether I’m working or not, I always make the effort to dress up and do something to celebrate. I just love the atmosphere when everyone’s dressed up, having fun, eating sweets and larking about, it just makes the dark autumnal nights more interesting, lively and memorable!

What Is Your Fondest Halloween Memory?

My first Halloween of uni was during Freshers week, and every one of my flatmates and I dressed up, and we all did the boys’ make up and helped them get ready and we went out as a flat, which is the best feeling when you’re all out, living together and you have your own place. We had all only just met and made friends and we just had such a great night, and a laugh! I went as Dead Marilyn, the conspiracy version, complete with strangle marks and a blood tear!


Have You Always Been A Halloween Lover?

Absolutely. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t celebrate or do something for Halloween. In uni it was always an excuse to go out, and back in school I went trick or treating every year and then when I was ‘too old’ I chaperoned for my younger siblings therefore I got to go anyway! And there were always massive family parties and sleepovers with friends and scary movies to enjoy.

How Do You Get Into The Halloween Spirit?

The Halloween aisles in the supermarket make me so happy. I’m a sucker for any Halloween themed food. Mid September I was already indulging in gingerbread Draculas from Asda! So there’s that, and sitting with a pumpkin latte in front of Sabrina The Teenage Witch after work! Plus the multitude of great costume Youtube videos fill me with inspiration. This year my brother and I headed to Thorpe Park for Fright Night too, which really got us into the Halloween spirit!

Favourite Halloween Decorations?

It has to be skulls. My apartment is full of skulls everywhere anyway, but there are far more great skull pieces around at Halloween. The more OTT the decorations, the more I will love them. I’m a sucker for Halloween table settings and crockery, I bought a skull pint glass this year (which I will use all year round naturally!) but I love all the pumpkin plates, skull straws and paraphernalia.


Favourite Halloween/Fall Scent?

The smells of autumn are pretty much the same to me as the smells of winter, because as soon as October comes around, my Christmas candles are out in force. It’s all about the apple and cinnamon candles! Glade do some great, cheap ones and an amazing room spray that I constantly buy when they’re on offer.

Favourite Candy?

These are my favourite all year round- strawberry fizzy strips. Sometimes you can get them on a roll like red metre, but Fruitella have just started doing the best strip ones in Asda. I can’t get enough of them! To me they smell like the cinema, because I absolutely cannot watch a film without them, ever!


Vampires Or Zombies?

I have to say zombies, because my boyfriend and I are obsessed with zombie movies and of course our favourite TV show is The Walking Dead. Some of our favourites are 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later and The Crazies. I do love a good vampire, Interview With A Vampire is up there with my top movies and I still really want to see Byzantium which is supposed to be good. Of course like every girl I’ve read the Twilight books, which I loved, but the movies are laughable, I just can’t watch them without having a mega cringe moment or two.

What Is Your Weird Odd/Fear?

I wouldn’t say my fear is odd, one of my biggest fears is the dark. It’s not the dark itself, it’s really what could be there. I like to be able to survey a whole room in the light to map it out, and if I can’t, I get a bit frightened on my own.

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

No I don’t, I just don’t see how they ‘fit’ in the grand scheme of things. I am a woman of science! However nothing gets to me like a creepy film (which is why I don’t watch them) so I don’t really want to be proved wrong either. I definitely never want to see one if they do exist, but I think a lot of things can be explained that are deemed ‘paranormal’ and believed to be gospel.

That’s it for today’s TAG, thank you so much to Jade for tagging me to do this. If you have any other requests, either here or on my Youtube channel, do let me know! Until next time…

Millie x

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