She Hearts Sunday #48

Hello and welcome to today’s bumper She Hearts Sunday post! Today I have seven great hearts to share with you, so grab a warm autumnal beverage and take a pew, because this is going to be a lengthy one! Today I have mostly fashion videos to share with you, with a little bit of lifestyle thrown in for good measure, so if you want to be entertained and inspired, look no further.

She Hearts…London Punks

Today’s first video was uploaded by H&M, whose inspirational style videos never fail to amaze me. This fun short shows punk street style throughout London and it’s impossible not to take outfit inspiration from each and every individual featured in the video, they all look phenomenal. Get ripping those tees guys!

She Hearts…Jenn Im Going Lana Del Rey

Jenn I’m’s The Get Up series on The Platform is fast becoming one of my favourites, and my love for her was cemented when she recently went all Lana Del Rey. In this beautifully put together video, Jenn recreates some great Lana outfits while doing typical Lana video things, like driving with the top down.

She Hearts…Lua’s Video Diary

Lua or Le-Happy is one of my biggest style inspirations when it comes to bloggers, and I love her unwavering personal style. I recently subscribed to her Youtube channel, and love what she’s done with this video diary, the outfits are to die for and a sneak peek behind the scenes is always very welcome!

She Hearts…Tar Mar’s NYC Lookbook

Tara of Tar Mar Tales is fast becoming one of my favourite Youtubers, and this video should show you why. Tara put together tonnes of gorgeous looks on a recent trip to New York City and her personal style plus that attention to detail in the video makes it super inspirational. What’s not to love?

She Hearts…J.Crew’s Creativity

When J.Crew recently launched here in the UK on Regent Street they didn’t just launch. They created an amazing ‘mural’ of sorts atop the store front, which has to be seen to be believed. If you want to see how J.Crew made their mark on London (taxi style), plus how it was all done, then keep watching…

She Hearts…Chriselle Lim’s NYFW Diary

Since starting my own channel, I now have much more respect for how difficult it is to put together a brilliant video, editing and all, and so when I saw Chriselle Lim’s latest video diary, I was spellbound. Following Chriselle around NYFW is amazing, plus the way it’s put together is just 100% perfect!

She Hearts…Emilie Of New Gloom In Paris

Emilie’s videos are always super dreamy, whether she’s musing about her day, or filming her latest day to day activities, it’s always so captivating. Her latest trip to Paris spawned this gorgeous video, in which we see Paris through Emilie’s eyes, with her usual choice of soothing, beautiful music. Get me to Paris.

That’s it for this week’s She Hearts Sunday, be sure to let me know what you thought of today’s picks by leaving me a comment below and/or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

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