This Week’s Video: The What’s In My Bag Tag with J’adore Jade!

Here it is! My long-awaited what’s in my bag tag video! I say long-awaited as Jade and I shot this video way back in August, but we wanted to spread out our collaboration videos a little bit, especially as we’re about to do the I Heart Fall Tag very soon aswell. Jade and I had such fun filming this and I hope you guys have as much fun having a snoop in our bags and seeing all our rubbish!

Being as Jade is a lot more experienced in the beauty department, she has some great stuff to show from her time working at MAC, while I just have the general essentials. We filmed this off-the-cuff straight after we got back from a shopping trip, so it’s definitely an honest portrayal of what we carry around on a daily basis! We genuinely were surprised at how much we’d squeezed in!

That’s it for today’s video post, let me know what you think of these collab videos and if you’d like to see more. As I said, I have the I Heart Fall Tag in the pipeline with Jade and I filmed the Best Friend Tag with my BFF Hannah when she came to stay this month! Until next time…

Millie x

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