She Hearts Sunday #47

Today I have a bumper She Hearts Sunday, with six fabulous finds that I think are bound to keep you both inspired and entertained. There’s fashion, art, fragrance and everything inbetween, so without further ado, let’s get started!

She Hearts…The Get Up

There’s a new series on one of my favourite Youtube channels, The Platform, and it’s The Get Up with Jenn Im. You’ll know Jenn as the super stylish gal behind Clothes Encounters, and now she’s strutting her stuff on another channel too. I love this denim, Americana inspired video she’s just been involved in as her first episode, it’s so well done, and beautifully shot, you can’t help but be completely and utterly inspired. Need transitional outfit ideas? This should help you out.

She Hearts…R-Patz for Dior Homme

Yes I read Twilight, yes I saw the movies, but I NEVER, ever fancied R-Patz…until this trailer. Britain’s own Robert Pattinson is the new face of Dior Homme, and to say the advert is steamy is just as much of an understatement as to say it’s a bit rock ‘n roll. It’s everything we love about a good perfume advert, a bit of adventure, a lot of wild, it gets very sexy and did I mention that it’s Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love that makes up the a-ma-zing soundtrack?

She Hearts…Victoriana: The Art Of Revival

If there was ever an exhibition curated to my specific taste (and that of my bestie too to be honest!) then this is it. As lovers of all things kitsch, tacky, weird and wonderful, seeing a contemporary, slightly creepy and often camp take on some classic Victorian pieces is right up our street. The exhibition at the Guildhall Art Gallery here in London features artworks inspired by the Victorian era, with a twist. Boy is neo-Victoriana captivating! There’s more info here.

She Hearts…Sartorial Shell

I love giving Youtube channels and blogs a shout-out, and so today I thought I’d send you guys the way of Sartorial Shell, one of my newest subscriptions on Youtube. Josie has impeccable taste in all things monochrome, grungy and totally on-trend. I love watching her videos and she is also such a genuinely lovely girl who was kind enough to post comments on my videos too! If hauls and lookbooks are your very favourite videos to watch, check her out.

She Hearts…Killer Queen

Katy Perry in my eyes can do no wrong, I absolutely adore the woman, and so naturally I hunted down her latest perfume. What I wasn’t expecting though, being quite anti-celebrity-endorsed fragrances, was to become besotted with the scent. Killer Queen is slightly more sweet than the typical scents I go for, but I can’t get enough, and that trailer! The bottle is absolutely gorgeous too, it’s definitely worth giving a spritz, I just bought the 50ml and I’m loving it!

She Hearts…Manhattan Miss

Topshop’s latest invention, is an interactive zine on their site, that’s a great way to see the sorts of looks they’re going for this autumn/winter with their collections. My favourite lookbook from the zine, that has this video accompaniment, is Manhattan Miss. It’s a ’60s take on New York dressing, and styling pastels and lighter colours for autumn/winter. The soundtrack is awesome, the scenery is fantastic and the clothes! Watch and learn people.

That’s it for today’s bumper She Hearts Sunday. Let me know what you think of today’s pick by leaving me a comment below and/or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

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