My 100 Subscribers Giveaway Winner!

It’s the 10th of September, which means my Youtube competition is over, and it’s time to reveal the winner! Last month I asked you guys to subscribe to my channel, and like and comment on my giveaway video for a chance to win an amazing pair of sunglasses that featured in my Zalando OOTD here.

So many of you entered, I was absolutely overwhelmed and am really grateful for your continued support, which is why I wanted to do the giveaway in the first place. As I mention in the video, the next giveaway will probably be along shortly, as my subscribers have gone up a crazy amount lately, so another milestone giveaway will be on the way! Stay tuned for that very very soon!

My next video which will go live on Saturday will be my holiday haul and lookbook, and I’m super excited about it too! Make sure you stay tuned for that this weekend, and I’ll see you soon. Until next time…

Millie x

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