She Hearts Sunday #46 (Back to School Edition)

Next week, for many of you, it may be back to school, college or university time, and for some of you, ‘recess’ may have already ended a few days back. That’s why I decided to make today’s She Hearts Sunday all about ‘back to school’ looks. Now I’m well aware that here in the UK, if you’re in a secondary school, you have to wear uniform, but for the weekends, or if you’re in a college or uni, then these outfits can easily be worked into your wardrobe. Here’s three of my favourite Youtube channels and their take on ‘back to school’ fashion.

She Hearts…Clothes Encounters’ Back To School Looks

If there’s one person I trust to steer me in the right direction outfit-wise, it’s Jenn of Clothes Encounters. Her lookbooks are always so inspirational and make you want to delve into your wardrobe and seriously mix things up. Jenn’s cute and quirky back to school looks vary and play on a tonne of different styles, so there’ll definitely be one you adore here and absolutely have to try.

She Hearts…The Fashion Statement’s Skirt Lookbook

Another channel I love for all things fashion related is The Platform, particularly their The Fashion Statement segment with the gorgeous Amy Pham. In this episode Amy shows you how to style a multitude of skirts, so whatever type of skirts you have in your wardrobe, you can utilise them to the max this autumn/winter. It’s a fuss-free tutorial style video with no shopping needed!

She Hearts…The Fashion Citizen’s Back To School Looks

Finally, it’s another favourite channel of mine, The Fashion Citizen. Steph and Melissa know their thrifting and always create crazy-cool outfits from next-to-nothing. So if you definitely don’t have a gazillion pounds to spend on rejuvenating your autumn/winter wardrobe, let the girls inspire you to get rummaging in your local charity shops and scouting out bargains.

That’s it for today’s She Hearts Sunday. Be sure to check back next week to see what else I’ve been loving, and best of luck getting those autumn/winter wardrobes sorted! Until next time…

Millie x

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