Ebay Shopping: The Tips + Tricks I Use


Being as I have an Ebay haul on the way tomorrow for you, I thought it was a great time to let you guys in on some of my top tips for shopping on Ebay. Now while there may be a fair few of you who are seasoned Ebay shoppers, I am constantly asked by people when I show them my Ebay finds, how on earth I found what I found, or how to use Ebay more effectively. So, today I thought I’d go ahead and share all the things I do to bargain hunt on Ebay, like a pro.

Get the Ebay app

I cannot sing the Ebay app’s praises enough. It’s free, you can take it wherever you go and it’s extremely user-friendly. I sell a lot on Ebay aswell, and so find it just as helpful for keeping an eye on what I’m bidding on as well as what I’m selling (but we’ll go into that another time). To successfully use the tips and tricks I’m discussing today, the Ebay app is an essential, as it’ll really help you keep on top of everything I’ll go on to mention later.

Always use Paypal

I never buy or sell without Paypal as it’s the greatest way to keep track of your money (the Paypal app is great and user-friendly too), but it also means you’re covered if an Ebay swindler decides they’re not going to send you what you paid for. Paypal makes it easy to sort out financial problems you may come across though Ebay, and if you just use your debit cards etc, you’re not as covered.


Bid later rather than sooner

The sooner you bid on an item, no matter how much you want it, the more time someone has to come and bid more than you. Leaving your bidding until the last day and last few minutes means you’ve not already had a bidding war with someone four days ago and bumped up the price hugely. Just remember to ‘watch’ the item so you’ll know if someone bids on it, (having the Ebay app with you will really help here) and when the correct time is for you to make your bid.

Note down keywords

Grab a pen and paper and/or the ‘notes’ app on your phone and list words that could be used to describe the item you’re looking for. Then use different variations to search effectively for what you want. I recently wanted a pair of red wedges and searched ‘red wedges’, ‘block heels’, ‘chunky wedge’, ‘chunky heel’, and ‘flatform’ and found my perfect shoe. Not everyone will list their items in the exact way you’d describe them, so using a few different keywords will wield more effective results that are closer to what you’re looking for.

Search by lowest postage + packaging price

Refining your search on Ebay is a great way of filtering out all the items you’re not interested in. This is particularly handy if you’re looking for something specific. If there are multiple sellers selling the same thing, going into ‘refine’ and opting to display your search results with ‘lowest postage and price’ first means the absolute cheapest option (postage and packaging included) will be at the top of your search list. Instant price comparison.


Shop around

Linking to the tip above, is shopping around. Multiple Ebay sellers sell the same things at varying prices, so if you haven’t ‘refined’ your search, then don’t buy the first thing you see from the first seller. Chances are if you scroll down, there’ll be someone selling those shoes you love for £3 cheaper, or with free shipping, making the overall cost cheaper. You can’t go wrong!

Read and look, look, look

Don’t bid on something in a rush without reading the full description and looking at all the available pictures. You might bid, then realise the last picture shows that the dress is backless, which you hate for example. Make sure you know everything about the item before you spend your hand-earned money on it, you don’t want a second-rate item, or to buy it and realise it’s just not right.

Ask yourself, ‘is it cheaper?’

Often with the excitement of Ebay, you get swept up buying things willy-nilly, convincing yourself that it’s cheaper than elsewhere. But is it? Sometimes with the shipping and all, the overall price might be more expensive than popping into Primark or New Look etc. Ask yourself if the item is REALLY cheaper.


Set yourself limits

Again with getting carried away, if you’ve ‘watched’ something, then bid on it and the bidding is getting out of hand, you’re tempted to stay loyal and see out the bid till the bitter end, but is it worth it? Make a note of how much you would be willing to spend on the item in question, and stick to it. Once the bidding goes above that threshold, just let it lie, you already told yourself you didn’t think the item was worth more than that, didn’t you!

Search your favourite brands for deals

Shops like Boohoo and Very have outlets on Ebay, meaning they sell off old stock and have huge sales on there, so a great bargain could be a click away. Sometimes they sell current stock and allow you to bid on it, so if you were planning on buying something specific from them, it might be worth checking Ebay first. You can always ‘save’ sellers too so that it’s easier for you to check the items your favourite seller has up. Think of it like ‘bookmarks’.

That’s it for today’s post, I hope it’ll help you feel more confident when shopping on Ebay, and most of all help you scout out some bargains. To see the items I picked up recently from Ebay, check back tomorrow for my Ebay haul video and/or subscribe to my channel to be instantly alerted when it goes live! Until next time…

Millie x

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