Designer Double: Topshop’s Pamela Love Style Spike Necklace


Today’s post is all about a gorgeous jewellery piece that I spotted recently on the high street in Topshop. As an avid fan (but sadly not owner of) Pamela Love’s work, I constantly look to the high street for offbeat pieces that emulate her style. Pamela looks to everything from native american culture, to astronomy for inspiration when it comes to her jewellery, and her spiked pieces have been spotted on celebs left, right and centre. This latest offering from Topshop though, is a great alternative for those without a Pamela Love budget.


Pamela’s albeit beautiful piece would set you back around £145 and that’s for the smallest size of the spiked necklace. While in the designer stakes that’s not a huge amount, it’s safe to say that if you just want this piece as costume jewellery and not as a lifelong keepsake, then you might want something a little more purse-friendly. That’s where Topshop come in with their alternative.


Now this piece is more like it at £12.50 which is just enough to pay for a spiked piece that you might not wear forever. Pamela’s necklaces are famous for being amazing at stacking and they look even better when they’re piled on altogether. That’s why this Topshop piece is bang-on, as it already does some of the layering for you. The essence of Pamela’s line is dainty but with structure and real richness. They’re feminine but they do have edge, so this light yet spiked necklace is right on the money. You can pick it up from Topshop here.

That’s it for today’s designer double post, I hope it’ll help you stay on-trend while saving up some money! Let me know what you think of today’s post by leaving me a comment below and/or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

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