Get The Look: Summer Without The Sweetness


Today I’m tackling a fashion problem that I have, every time the sun comes out in the UK. So it might not come around that often, but when it does, I become absolutely flummoxed as to what to wear, and why? I’m just not that much of a floaty-dress, sugary-sweet girly girl, at least anymore. Don’t get me wrong, flouncy dresses and summer skirts look great on others, but whenever the sun comes out, I feel the pressure to put on a floral frock, and it’s just not my style. So how can girls like us, who want to stick to our autumn/winter loving style, work it for summer? Today I have a few suggestions.

The Jumper


Jumpers are just as relevant in summer in the UK as they are in winter. And that’s why today, I’ve picked this gorgeous chevron printed one from Club L at Get The Label. Imagine this teamed with some black shorts and flatforms. Easy jumpers like this are particularly great for days at the beach, when you might be staying til after the sun’s gone down. Barbecue and beach nights require a cute cover up, and this might just be the one for you. Monochrome is huge right now, and there’s not a floral print in sight with this top, so you can stay on-trend without losing your personal style.


Here’s how I’d style this gorgeous jumper, which is a steal at £14.99. This is the perfect outfit for a breezy summer day, and gives you a chance to show off your tan without feeling too exposed. I’d team the jumper with these £9.99 flatforms and these super bargainous £4.99 shorts from True Decadence. You can pick up the jumper here, the shoes here and the shorts here, all for under £30 at Get The Label!

The Dress


Dresses are great for summer, as they keep you cool and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Dresses don’t have to be super-girly though, as I’ll show you today. This Motel dress is a ridiculously cheap £9.99 now, and you can always count on Motel to bring out great, affordable pieces that are bang on-trend. This nineties style dress is great for a more grungy look this summer, and as it’s black it’s easy to pair with tonnes of things you might already have in your wardrobe. You could up the nineties vibe by throwing a denim shirt over the top as a jacket, it’ll keep you cool but will add a fun laidback festival-feel.


I’ve teamed this dress with a fittingly grungy cross necklace from Pieces, which is well-priced at £3.99. Crosses are everywhere right now, so if you want to incorporate a bit more edge into your summer wardrobe, this is the perfect accessory. Again, to up the nineties look these flatforms are great and help outweigh the super feminine shape of the dress and downplay it a little more. This whole outfit comes in under £25, which is brilliant if you’re saving up to spend on your holiday. You can pick up the dress here, the shoes here and the necklace here all on Get The Label.

The Skirt


Summer skirt to me, brings visions of floaty, butterfly covered super girlyness, that as I’ve mentioned isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Today I’ve picked this great, almost geometric, ethic-style printed skirt, which is great for a more grown-up global traveller type look. This awesome Firetrap skirt is just £4.99 on Get the Label and is a great way to dip your toe into the print trend if you’re a little hesitant, and it’ll work a little colour into your wardrobe.


This look works the ethic-vibe with this tribal style skull necklace, and uses black as a base colour so the outfit doesn’t overhwelm. Perfect for a beach party or a summery day of sightseeing, this is definitely one of my favourite looks from today and you could easily implement your personal style by teaming it with ankle boots or even make it a little more formal with a black blazer for a city-chic look. The simple vest is from Vero Moda and is only £5.99, while the skull necklace is a steal at £2.99 from Pieces. You can find and shop all these items at Get The Label, and this outfit will set you back less than £15! You can shop the skirt here, the vest here and the necklace here.

The Shoes


Next up, the nineties are officially back in force, and you need not trade in a chunky platform during summer anymore. Break out of your boots (I know it’s hard) and break in these amazing flatforms from Strawberry, also at Get The Label. At £9.99 these too are a steal and will be ridiculously comfortable, whatever holiday activities you might be getting up to. Again, the straps mean your feet aren’t going anywhere and especially in black, these shoes were both made for walking and to go with everything in your wardrobe. Midi and maxi skirts alike look great with these, as do shorts that need some dressing down. Balance out dresses that might get too girly for you, by pairing them with these to add some welcome clunkiness.

For more great looks for less and plenty of summer items that won’t break the bank, be sure to check out Get The Label.

That’s it for today’s get the look post, I hope it’ll help you dress for summer without losing your personal style. Let me know what looks from today you particularly love, and if you’d wear them when the weather heats up, I’d love to know. Until next time…

Millie x

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