How To Follow Fashion Week

Today’s post is a little something I’ve put together as I feel that it might be a useful resource for some these coming weeks. If you’re reading this then you’ll know and probably have an interest in the fact that in just three days, New York Fashion Week will kick off, and London, Milan and Paris will follow. Personally, I struggled keeping up with what was going on for the first few years I ‘followed’ fashion week and would have loved to have seen a helpful guide like this to help me stay on top of all the latest happenings. Everyone has their own way of following the whole fashion extravaganza, and these are just simple tips that have helped me along the way. So, without further ado, let’s get into some easy ways to keep track of all the latest shows, trends and just who is on the FROW.




– The big guns, like Vogue, Elle and all have the professionally-snapped runway catalogues up shortly after the shows along with a video. If there isn’t an accompanying video, the individual fashion house’s website will usually have one. For instance, you can visit the Vogue site to check out the entire Theysken’s Theory collection for example and then hit the Theysken’s site to watch the video, and voila, it’s almost as if you were there…almost! The archives on sites like these are always helpful in allowing you to spot trends easily and see one whole collection in a slick and easy manner. You can easily search for the catwalk show you want to see shots from so there’s no need to watch every show this season, just personalise your browsing based on the fashion labels you love.

– Street style snaps are in abundance on sites like these and they’ll always be some sort of slideshow that shows off the very best street looks from the whole period.’s Tommy Ton is the creme de la creme when it comes to street style shots so their site is always a must-visit for me around this time.

– Here are some of the websites that I’m glued to around fashion week: Elle, Marie Claire,, Stylist, Vogue.




– There are so many brilliant blogs out there that feature fashion week goings on, collection photos, street style snaps and gossip, but there are some which I find are a must-read throughout the period. The photos are always more well-considered than a quick Instagram snapshot, and you get the full lowdown from the blogger on the experience and their opinion of the show too.

– These are some of the blogs I always read during fashion week: Cheetah Is The New Black, Fashion Editor At Large, Kayture, Fashion Squad, Oracle Fox, Stockholm Street Style, Street Peeper, The Neighbourhood Watch, The Style Crusader.




– If you’re always checking Instagram like me, then one easy way to keep up with the shows and backstage is via the app. Following high profile faces in the fashion world like editors and high-profile bloggers and celebs guarantees you’ll get a front row seat and you can always rely on the FROW to instagram great in-show photos of the runway, the setting and the ambience, as well as other attendees, which is always interesting to see.

– Backstage shots are always a great indicator of what kind of a show you’ll be seeing, so following the models themselves is a great way of getting a sneak peek behind the scenes. Cara Delevingne is one of my favourite models for this, she’s always snapping backstage during hair and make up.

– Following magazine’s profiles also helps here, Cosmo, Elle, Vogue and all the top fashion mags have their own Instagram accounts, so you can stay in the know through these accounts.

– Here are my top Instagrammers to follow during fashion week: Alexa Chung (chungalexa), Alicia Lund (cheetahisnb), Cara Delevingne (caradelevingne), Elle UK (elleuk), InStyle UK (instyleuk), Jennifer Inglis (stylecrusader), Marie Claire (marieclairemag), Matthew Schneier (styledotcommatthew), Mira Duma (miraduma), Vogue International (vogue_official), Vogue UK (vogueuk).




– The Twittersphere is always buzzing with fashion week gossip and the trending topics should give you a good idea of who’s show is on at that exact moment. Use hashtags and follow fashion insiders to hear the latest as it happens. Again, magazine’s twitter accounts, those you know who’ll be on the FROW, or the models themselves provide great insider info. Follow the fashion houses themselves too, who will publicise when the show’s about to go live and top trends from within the show as well as attendees and if any attendees are wearing their pieces.

– My top Twitter accounts to follow are: Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne), Mira Duma (@miraduma), Lindsey Wixson (@lindseywixson), Glamour Fashion US (@glamour_fashion), Glamour UK (@glamourmag), Doutzen Kroes (@Doutzen), (@styledotcom), Nicola Roberts (@NicolaRoberts), Marie Claire (@marieclaire), Garance Dore (@garancedore), Alicia Lund (@CheetahIsNB), Olivia Palermo (TheRealOliviaP), Bethan Holt (BethanHolt), Melanie Rickey (@fashedatlarge), Harper’s Bazaar UK (@BazaarUK), Marie Claire UK (@marieclaireuk), Drapers (@Drapers), Jennifer Inglis (@stylecrusader), Glamour Magazine UK (@GlamourMagUK), Vogue Magazine (@voguemagazine), London Fashion Week (@LondonFashionWk), Elle UK (@ELLEUK), Instyle (@InStyle), Harper’s Bazaar (@harpersbazaarus), Grazia (Grazia_Live), (@BritishVogue).




– If pictures for you aren’t enough, then get subscribing to some great channels such as Garance Dore, who is constantly uploading show footage and creating montages during and after fashion week has ended. Some fashion houses have their own account too and will upload their show video asap after it has ended. Video helps you get a more all-round grasp of the show, the music, the models, and generally the whole amazing atmosphere.

– My top two picks from my subscription box are Garance Dore and, but have a look if your favourite label have their own channel too to personalise your viewing.




– It’s a brand new app that allows you to take 6 second videos, and I’m betting that this fashion week Vine is going to be the go-to app for everyone on the FROW. I already clocked an amazing Vine clip from the Cheap Monday show in Stockholm, and I think it’s going to be the new way that bloggers, editors and show-watchers capture the show’s highlights. If you don’t have Vine yet then get downloading it just in time for the action to start!

– Here are the Vine-ers I think will be creating awesome fashion clips this season: Phil Oh, Glamour, Look TV, Alicia Lund, Glamour Fashion, Kristina Bazan.




-Finally today it’s Pinterest, and if you have the Pinterest app on your phone like me, it can be easy to keep up with the hottest looks from the catwalk. Following the British Fashion Council or the official sponsors of fashion week means that photos will be uploaded to your pin feed almost immediately after they’ve gone live and you can repin them to boards etc. If you’re a blogger Pinterest is a great resource for grouping photos that you may want to use in a future feature or blog post.

– Make your own specific boards to save fashion week photos to and then you can browse through them in more detail at a later date or more convenient time. Pinterest is a great place for keeping inspiration and it means you’re not going to forget about that amazing designer piece that you spotted going down the runway, it’s right there on your app.

– Here are some of the accounts I’ll be keeping a close eye on during fashion week:, British Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle UK, Stylist Magazine, Grazia UK, Melanie Rickey, British Fashion Council, The Style Crusader.



That’s it for today’s post, I hope it’ll help you stay on top of all the fashion goings-on with ease. Let me know what collections you’re most excited to see this year, and what trends you think we’ll be wearing come autumn/winter by leaving me a comment below or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

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