On the High Street: Revlon Enamoured Exhibition

Listen up beauty lovers as today I bring you an extra special sneak peek into Revlon’s amazing Enamoured exhibition. We all know Revlon as an iconic and most importantly, high street cosmetics brand, but did you know it’s been around for eighty years now? Revlon’s Enamoured retrospective educates while stimulating the imagination and guides beauty and vintage lovers alike through decades of advertising and original make up, while incorporating modern artworks inspired by the Revlon brand. The exhibition is on for the next two days (1st and 2nd Dec) in the London Film Museum in Covent Garden from 10am-6pm, and I highly recommend you check it out if you’re in London!



Curator Ryan Lanji has created a make up mecca in which you can escape during a Christmas shopping spree in the Covent Garden Piazza. For beauty fanatics it’s an absolute must and the whole event is as visually stunning as it is inspirational for those who love all things glam. There’s the chance to learn more about Revlon’s founder Charles Revson as well as take in the incredible impact Revlon has had on the beauty world since its inception. As a vintage enthusiast it was great to see the original Revlon packaging and how it has evolved over the years, as well as the beautifully illustrated adverts featured in magazines back in the day.



Paintings and installations featuring fake nails, full-sized bottles of nail polish and heels stacked on high have to be seen to be believed, so if you fancy wandering into a Gaga-esque world of wonder, look no further. If a disco ball made of sparkly fake nails doesn’t make you gasp, maybe the gorgeous pearl and lipstick handbags, or the huge lipstick ‘lips’ installation will grab your attention. Ryan Lanji has seamlessly fused the amazingly innovative and the informative together in this one-of-a-kind exhibition which is definitely not to be missed.



That’s it for today’s on the high street post. Let me know if you head to the exhibition this weekend by leaving me a comment or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

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