She Hearts Sunday

Hello and welcome to a brand new series here on the blog. Every Sunday from here on in I’m going to be bringing you ‘She Hearts Sunday’ where all the fashion news from the week will be rounded up in one place, any updates or blog news will be addressed and I can communicate a bit more with you guys and find out what you’ve been loving all week too. This week has been a busy one full of great finds so here it goes, I hope you enjoy it!

She Hearts…Grimes

A few weeks ago after being what seems to be slow on the uptake, I discovered Grimes and her amazing video for new single, Genesis. The super-catchy tune, which is a breath of fresh air compared to today’s less-than-inspiring chart ‘hits’ is complimented with an uber cool, very highly stylised video which pushes futuristic fashion to the limits and just is generally for want of a better word, badass. Check it out, I’m in love.

She Hearts…Saving

So you may have heard me rabbiting on about saving lately and trying, desperately trying, to put myself on a spending ban. So I’ve decided to cut out all the things that I just really don’t need from my ‘spending habits’ as it were. That means that sadly I’ve said goodbye to my Glossybox. I know some of you really enjoyed those posts, but I have to stay true to the focus of my blog, which is fashion and I felt that I was getting less excited about it every month and could live without it, so I am.

She Hearts…Gwen

But who doesn’t? This month Gwen has been everywhere due to No Doubt’s new album on the go and I am definitely not complaining. I utterly love Gwen, she is one of my biggest style inspirations and seeing her on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar US and Elle UK is awesome and of course I had to get both. There are two videos doing the rounds lately that you need to see if you love Gwen, the first is her behind-the-scenes video from the Elle UK shoot, and the second is a tutorial by Nic of Pixiwoo on how to get Gwen’s iconic make up look. Enjoy.

She Hearts…Print

Despite everyone going digital these days, I have to say I will never give up my magazines. I love having a hard copy of an amazing magazine, and I collect them for fashion inspiration. If there’s one thing I love about my fashion magazines, it’s having a cover girl that I really love and am interested in reading about and seeing in some incredible editorial shots. This month we’ve been completely spoilt with TWO Gwen covers (Harper’s Bazaar US and Elle UK), Kristen for Vogue, Blake Lively for Marie Claire, Emma Watson for Glamour, Fearne Cotton for Company and Katy Perry for US Elle. It’s been a great month for print so get involved! There’s even some great free print magazines instore at the moment, H&M’s magazine is all about Anna Dello Russo and Lana Del Rey this month and every so often Monki have amazing magazines on their counters which are so luxe I can’t believe they’re free. Keep an eye out and support the printed word! Here are some of my favourites from the past month or so…

She Hearts…Instagram

Following on from the photo above, you can probably tell I’ve got really into Instagram now that I’ve got myself an Iphone. I’m always instagramming high street pieces I see on the go, great magazines and spreads I spot on the newsstands and sneak peeks of my OOTDs, so if you’d love to see more of that you can add me on there as camilladelacoe.

She Hearts…Amy’s Nails

If you’re not subscribed to The Platform on Youtube, go do it now! It is hands down one of my favourite Youtube channels and there are always great fashion videos to inspire and inform from lovely presenter Amy or the hilarious P’Trique who I’m sure you’re all aware of (more on him/her in a minute). On watching a DIY distressed denim video this week I fell in love with Amy’s nail colour and took it upon myself to find a British high street version. Amazingly Miss Sporty’s Clubbing Polish in 320 Pop Fiction is the perfect alternative and I’ve been wearing it all week as I love it that much (and the name is a great reference to one of my favourite films). For £1.99 you can’t go wrong, thanks for the inspo Amy. Click here for the polish on the Boots website, below is the video with Amy’s amazing nails.

(I recently discovered that Amy’s exact nail colour is Sally Hansen’s Pacific Blue if you’re interested in getting the exact one)

She Hearts…P’Trique

Finally today it’s another person from The Platform that I’ve been loving and it’s P’Trique. You will have seen his amazing ‘Shit Fashion Girls Say’ videos before and numerous trend reports, but this autumn he’s come out with this incredible video on how to get ready for New York Fashion Week. It’s hilarious, I love it.

That’s it for She Hearts Sunday, come back next week for more favourites and let me know in the meantime what’s caught your eye this week, I’d love to know, leave me a comment below or tweet me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

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