August Glossybox: Contents + Initial Thoughts

Another month, another Glossybox, and this month it seems to have come surprisingly early. Just as I was planning my indepth review of the last box, I found the August Glossybox on my doorstep, (not that I’m complaining). So if you wanted to know what I thought of last month’s box, that indepth review will be up later this week. For now though it’s time for a brief overview of what I received in the August box, the ‘international superstars’ themed box.

Basically this month’s box features hyped products from other countries around the world, so I’m excited to try out some things that are popular other than in the UK and the states. So let’s get to it…

The first thing I received was a german product and it’s Alessandro’s Pro White which is a clear nail polish aimed at whitening your nails. I popped some of this on before blogging and didn’t notice a significant difference instantly but I’m going to be using this as a base for nail polishes from now on to hopefully reduce the staining effect some polishes have on the nails. I’ll get back to you on how I get on with this.

Next it’s a japanese product and it’s DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil. Now I have to admit, (and I’ve said it before), I don’t like the idea of putting oily products on my face. At all. Being as I’ve only just got my skin into a comfortable routine that works I’m not sure if this will unsettle the balance, but of course I’ll give this a go for reviewing purposes, although I would never in a million years try this off my own back.

Next is the product I’m most excited about in this month’s box, and it’s the All For Eve ‘Eve’s Balm’ (from the UK). I’m 100% behind this line being as it was set up with the aim of donating to and creating awareness of gynaecological cancer which I think is very noble, and if you can donate and pick up great products, what’s not to love? This balm is utterly gorgeous, it’s glossy and feels nourishing on the lips (I don’t know if I’d use it anywhere else) and it reminds me of Benefit’s Dr. Feel Good and a little of the Figs & Rouge balm that we received a couple of Glossyboxes back. I’m all for nourishing my lips and keeping them in tip top condition so this is right up my street and perfect hand bag size. The packaging is also super cute and the compact has a little mirror inside.

Next is the most disappointing product and it’s a Vera Valenti eyeshadow palette which for one is very random colour-wise, and secondly reminds me of a child’s ‘pretend’ make up set. The eyeshadows have zero colour pay off, and the whole thing just feels cheap and nasty. Glossybox what were you thinking? Of course I’m going to be fair and try to work with these shadows for a full review but I can’t see myself getting anywhere with how badly pigmented they are.

The penultimate product is another UK ‘superstar’ and it’s Lipcote, which surely needs no introduction. I was loyal to this all through my teens as I was the most ardent red lippy wearer, but I slowly fell out of love with it as it dried out my lips slightly and left me with a bit of peeling. Hopefully I’ll fall back in love with this, especially with the array of nourishing lip products I have to help me out with the drying effect this can have. I’ll let you know how I fair with this in the update post.

Finally this month’s bonus product is a Glossybox lipstick in Glossy Pink and I’m actually really loving this lipstick formula already. The colour is pretty and an everyday wearable shade that is just the right amount of glossy and not too ’90s. I’m looking forward to seeing how this lasts on the lips, but so far I’m impressed with the colour pay off and the shade in particular, it’s a suits-all colour perfect for this box. My only niggle (and it is minor) is the packaging, which if it is anything like the rest of the Glossybox product packaging will wear terribly, so soon I’m sure the ‘Glossybox’ text on the side will have all but gone leaving it a bit messy, but other than that, it’s a thumbs up from me.

That’s it for this month’s box, I’m really happy with this box and I’m looking forward to trying out more extensively the items I got. There may be a few duds here but it’s inevitable with a a beauty box like this, and I’m still glad that we’ve got the chance to try out ‘international superstars’, I do love a themed box. Stay tuned for the indepth review of the July box later this week and in a fortnight I’ll get back to you with how this box is working out for me. Until next time…

Millie x

Disclaimer: All images were taken and are owned by me. I pay for my Glossyboxes with my own money and am not affiliated with any brands or companies mentioned. All opinions are my own.

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