NYC (New York Colour) Make Up: Hits + Misses

As you know, this blog is a place to experience all manner of high street goodness and to review products which are affordable and hopefully accessible to everyone. It shocked me then, recently, when I came across an NYC stand in a local Superdrug and I realised that I hadn’t tried out one single product from the affordable brand.

Being as I’m dying to go, anything remotely New York related is going to be an instant winner in my book, and I’m also a sucker for a cute name on a product, so I was sucked in pretty swiftly to NYC’s range of make up once I became more aware of it. As I was re-watching my Sex and The City boxset around the time I picked up these products it only really added to the hysteria and so I picked up probably more than was necessary, but there we go.


We’ll start with nails as nail polishes are probably something I buy all too often, and due to that I feel like I have some sort of authority on them, particularly ‘drugstore’ brands. I picked up three shades; Mint Macaroon, Park Avenue and Carrie’d Away which you can see in the bottles and swatches below.

Swatches left to right: Park Avenue, Carrie’d Away and Mint Macaroon.

The first color I picked up was this gorgeous minty green aptly named Mint Macaroon, the name is what got me hooked, but the gorgeous colour and the £2.49 price tag encouraged me to the till. Now you’ll know if you saw my June Favourites that I am absolutely in love with this. The colour is completely unique as it’s not too ‘bright’ mint as is the trend at the moment, it is a slightly darker mint than say Essie’s Mint Candy Apple and other high street ‘dupes’.

The formula of this polish is brilliant as it is opaque in two coats and I didn’t have any issues with streaking at all. I’d compare the formula to the Barry M polishes which are rich in colour and opaque in two even coats. This probably would have lasted about a week on me, as it felt very ‘strong’ and durable, but I took it off after four days to paint my nails a different colour, still, after four days I didn’t have a single chip or imperfection.

The overall glossiness and colour of this polish means it looks far more high end than it is and I couldn’t stop looking at my hands while I was wearing it. The bottle too is pretty cute and the large lid means that application is easy and comfortable as you can really get a good grip on the lid to apply even brush strokes.

To see a full manicure using Mint Macaroon, click here to see it in my June Favourites.

Next it’s Park Avenue, which is a gorgeous brown colour, similar to Chanel’s Particuliere which was so immensely popular last year. Unfortunately this polish doesn’t apply as nicely as Mint Macaroon, possibly due to it being one of their ‘New York Minute’ polishes rather than just a regular NYC polish. I found the consistency slightly watery, but after three very patiently applied coats it does look gorgeous, and again more high end than it should for £2.49.

I’d recommend painting this while you’re watching a film or something as you need to apply a coat and then wait a while for it to dry completely to apply the next one or it goes streaky and watery once again. If it wasn’t such a gorgeous colour I probably wouldn’t go to the effort that it requires, but it’s the perfect browny greige and is so Charlotte, perhaps that’s why they named it Park Avenue.

To see a full manicure using Park Avenue, click here to see it in a recent OOTD post.

Lastly it’s Carrie’d Away which I was hoping would be a stand alone colour. I obviously bought this one for the name, I mean how could you not? Sadly, this is literally french manicure worthy only and although it would look gorgeous over the top of a french manicure as the final step, I just don’t wear that sort of nail enough to get full use out of this. Although I tried out applying a few coats to see if I could get full opacity out of this light pink colour, it wasn’t meant to be and didn’t create the effect I was after. If you’re on the hunt for a cute light pink for a french manicure on a budget though, this would be the way to go.


Next onto another product that I featured in my June Favourites, it’s NYC’s Cheek Glow in Central Park Pink. Obviously again with the names, I had to get this, but it is a gorgeous pink that I thought would work well for everyday. If you read my favourites post you’ll know that I’m in love with this and have used little else all of last month.

I’ll just recap for those of you who haven’t already heard me rave about this. For £2.49 this is actually my dream blush, it creates a natural ‘healthy’ glow on my cheeks and really compliments my super fair skin. From the first day I applied this I had people telling me I looked ‘well’ and asking if I’d done something different with my make up, which of course I had! I honestly couldn’t live without this now, I just apply it to the apples of my cheeks with a small blush brush and it does the job. For such a cheap blusher it really is worth giving a go and it even has the cute NYC stamp in the product, though the rest of the packaging isn’t particularly revolutionary.


Lastly for today’s hits and misses, it’s lip products. I managed to pick up two NYC lipsticks while I was instore, one of which I have to come to love, and one of which I hated so much I gave it away! There’s a contrast for you, it really is all about the colour and finish with these as the formulas and packaging are all the same.

As you can see Snowcone is a more frosty coloured pink, while Air Kiss is a fuschia. Under the Superdrug lights Snowcone looked really wearable and girly, but as soon as I put it on outside the shop I discovered I utterly hated it. It’s a super shiny, shimmery ’90s horror lipstick. I just keep thinking of it as something that Sabrina’s Aunt Zelda would wear in Teenage Witch and this is one trend, along with shell suits that should be put in the ’90s look archive and locked tightly away. Enough said about that, one application was enough for me to dispose of it, but then I guess it was only £1.49.

Top: Snowcone, Bottom: Air Kiss

Onto a complete different kettle of fish here, with one of my new favourite lipsticks from NYC. Air Kiss is a gorgeous fuschia that I’ve found really wearable and which looks fab with neutral eye make up. The lipstick goes on smoothly and really lasts too, there’s minimum smudging as once you’ve applied it, it doesn’t budge, though this doesn’t create that nasty creased/dry lip effect that some ‘stains’ do. I can put this on before a day of shopping and rest assured that it’ll still be there hours later without needing a touch up. It would be lovely for evening too to really vamp up an outfit. For £1.49 it’s an utter steal and there’s no excuse for not snapping this up if you see one in your nearest Superdrug.

Top: Snowcone, Bottom: Air Kiss

That’s it for today’s review of NYC cosmetics, and as you can see it’s a mixed bag but my ultimate top picks are the Mint Macaroon nail polish, the Central Park Pink blusher and then Air Kiss lipstick, they’re all great, affordable products which don’t necessarily feel as ‘cheap’ as they were. I’d recommend popping to your local Superdrug to see if they have an NYC stand and just testing out some of the products and even checking out some of the adorable names, I’m definitely going to pick up some more NYC bits when I next go and of course they have a huge range of eyeshadows and base products to try out too!

Let me know if you try any of these products out, or if you love an NYC product I haven’t mentioned and just have to get. Leave me a comment below or tweet me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

Disclaimer: All images were taken and are owned by me. All products were paid for by me and all opinions are my own, no links are affiliate links and I am not affiliated with any companies or brands mentioned.

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