DIY: Kawaii Notebook

Welcome to my first ever DIY post! I feel a little cheeky claiming this is DIY as it is ever so simple and doesn’t require any real skill. However, I felt that it would interest a lot of you and I wanted to draw your attention to the fact that this is a cheap way to make a really individual, kitschy product, rather than trying to find exactly what you want, as I did. So, let’s get started.

As you may know I’m a list maker of epic proportions and never go anywhere with my to-do list notebook, it keeps me going. But I was fed up of boring Ryman’s/Paperchase/WHSmith notepads and wanted something super garish and delightfully tacky that was really going to make me pay attention to my ‘to-do’s and of course brighten up my day. It was around this time that I came across this amazing photo taken by Jen at The Style Crusader and the idea was born.

I fell in love with this sticker clutch and decided to get myself some super kitsch stickers to recreate the same effect on a book. I’m going to put it out there, this is a definite love or hate kind of project, so if you’re really not into that whole kitsch, kawaii, tacky-but-cute style this really isn’t for you!

I started off with a cute pink notebook from Tiger which I believe was £1, you can’t go wrong with Tiger I absolutely love that shop!

Then, on a recent trip to Artbox in Covent Garden I picked up some amazing stickers that were perfect for this project. I hauled the stickers in an OOTD post on the day, so you can see them there by clicking here. I chose one set with really 3D stickers in heart shapes and with lots of bows going on, one Alice in Wonderland themed set for a bit of fun, and finally cutesy food stickers in the shape of different desserts.

From left to right; Desserts, Wedding and Alice In Wonderland, available respectively here, here and here.

I started off with The Wedding pack as it has the biggest, most amazing stickers in it, huge bows, hearts and crystals, and my notebook was totally go big or go home, so I went for it. I placed all the largest pieces first so that there would definitely be space for them on the book. You can pick up this exact sticker pack here.

Next I went for the Alice In Wonderland stickers as again there were rather large stickers in this pack too that I definitely wanted to feature. I chose a few ‘Alice’ and ‘Cheshire Cat’ stickers to add a bit of a different texture to the book. You can pick up this exact sticker pack here.

Finally I filled in all the ‘gaps’ with the flat dessert stickers. I wanted the book to be completely covered to give it that encrusted iphone case look that I’ve come to enjoy lately! This exact sticker pack is available here.

As I said this isn’t exactly difficult, in any way, but I just wanted to show you that you can get that ‘look’ with this DIY. I was looking for a notepad just like this but often I didn’t like some of the stickers they’d used or the pad was wrong but the decoration was right, but with this you can have it your way and customise it with things you like. So here’s the finished product, I found the stickers extra strong and I don’t think they’re going anywhere so I didn’t feel the need for glue to get involved. You may love it, or you may hate it, but being as I paid around £2 each for the sticker sets and £1 for the book, I think it’s do-able under a tenner and you can’t find anything identical anywhere else!

I love the way this turned out, I am completely smitten with it and can’t wait to start noting things down in it! What do you think? Would you give this a go? Love it? Absolutely hate it? I’d love to know so leave me a comment or tweet me @MillieDelacoe.

MORE! If this is your kind of thing, here’s more…one of my favourite kawaii inspired tumblrs is Dolly Bunny by Brianne, who is also on Pinterest, she pins AMAZING things. One of my favourite bloggers the super-cool Sofie of The Milk Club recently went on an amazing trip to Tokyo and her three posts from the city were incredible, so you can also click here to see that. Enjoy!

Until next time…

Millie x

Disclaimer: All images were taken and are owned by me aside from the first image which links back to source. I am not affiliated with any companies mentioned, no links are affiliate links and all opinions are my own. I paid for everything used with my own money.

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  1. Cool idea, I think I’ll have a go at making one! x

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