May Glossybox (Anniversary Box): Follow Up + Indepth Review

Earlier this month/late last month when I received my latest Glossybox, the anniverary box, I promised that as usual I would write a follow up post a few weeks later to let you know how I was getting on with the products. So here is that follow up, and I’ll be going into a little more detail about each of the things I received now that I’ve had ample time to try them all out properly. To see my contents and intial thoughts post, click here.

Let’s get started. Here’s a recap of what I received in last month’s box.

The first thing I received was a Noble Isle bath and shower gel in the scent ‘Cornish Hedgerows’. I do really like the scent and I’ve been using this in my shower every now and again since I got it. The only thing I find is that the scent can be a little overpowering as it is very floral, and I prefer fresher scents for the shower if I’m perfectly honest. Nonetheless it does the job, there’s nothing revolutionary about it, but on the whole it’s a nice all round shower gel that I have enjoyed using.

The next thing(s) I received were two fragrance samples from Lolita Lempicka. My opinions of these haven’t changed since my initial trial of them as obviously you either like a fragrance or you don’t. I stick by my first opinion which was that I really like the Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum (and I have used up the tester) but I disposed of the Si Lolita tester as I really, really didn’t like it and it just wasn’t me. At £65 a bottle as I said before I don’t know if this will be my new go-to perfune, but it was nice to give it a try and discover a new scent that works for me.

The third thing I received was a dual pack of Apivita Intensive Hydration Masks with Cucumber. Now there’s the clincher, because I hate cucumber with a fiery passion and lo and behold, though I hoped they wouldn’t, these smelt too strongly of the devil vegetable for me to put on my face. I know it sounds silly, because I bet these masks would do wonders for my skin, but I just cannot stand the cucumber smell, no matter how ‘refreshing’ it is. If they were in any other scent I would’ve gone for it, and I might have a look to see if Apivita sell them in alternative fragrances and/or with other ingredients in them so I can really try them out.

Next up was the Berber Hair Treatment with Argan Oil which is hands down my favourite thing in the box and will definitely be making an appearance in my June Favourites at the end of the month. This really has worked wonders for my hair and I have seen a significant difference. I’ve just been dispensing this into my hands, rubbing them together and then rubbing them through damp hair and often just dry hair too. As we had a heatwave, then a succession of awfully rainy weeks, my hair has really been put through its paces, but this keeps it sleek and really healthy looking. It feels gorgeous too. One of the bonuses of this is that it smells absolutely divine, there’s no other way to describe it other than like a sweet shop. It just smells like a handful of pick and mix, I love it! Despite having used it every day since I got it I’ve been using it sparingly and I still have a substantial amount left. I’m definitely going to invest in this once the tester is gone, and I know a larger bottle will literally last me until next year! I can now see what the hair oil craze is all about, as I don’t know how I can live without this now I’ve been using it so religiously!

Lastly I received a pack of Eldora lashes which I pointed out at the time I never wear. I’m a mascara girl through and through and false lashes always look a bit fancy dress on me. I did give these a good go, but as I feared they were just far too long and made my eyes look droopy and frankly a bit silly. I’m definitely going with less is more from now on and I don’t think these are ever going to see the light of day again! I’m sure that for lash wearers they may be a nice break from the norm with their criss cross pattern, but they were just too ‘gimmicky’ for me and I would have preferred more natural look lashes if any.

That’s it for my indepth Glossybox review and follow up post. Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for my June Glossybox post which will go up the day I get it in the post. Are you subscribed to Glossybox? What were your favourite things from your box this month? Let me know by leaving me a comment or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

Disclaimer: All photos were taken and are owned by me. My Glossybox subscription is paid for with my own money and I am not affiliated with Glossybox or any of the mentioned brands. All opinions are my own.

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