Mix it up: Grunge + Pastels

Hello there and welcome to day two of my three day pastel extravaganza. Yesterday I brought you The Pastel Lookbook (click here to see that) and today I bring you a post aimed to make wearing pastels a little easier and less girly-girly, for those of you, like me, who are coveting a more grungy look at the moment. As I’m about to show you there’s no need to pick between two of this summer’s key trends, because when done right, they work harmoniously together too. What’s not to love? Ever since Lana Del Rey was photographed wearing THAT ‘Hollywood’ crop top tee, denim cut offs and a thick grungy chain, it’s been cool to mix up pastels with a more grungy edge, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

I love Lana’s look here and it’s perfect for the warm weather that technically should be on its way. Try this Topshop tee to get the Lana look, (it’s now just £12 in the sale) and team it with some scuffed up shorts like these for £35 from River Island for a more worn in, laidback style.

Don’t forget to add your chain necklace (a grunge glam jewellery post is on its way next week) and pair this ensemble down with your favourite converse for a relaxed summer day.

Being a high street girl as we know, I was super excited to see that Topshop have gone super grunge this season, and even the front cover of their in house magazine is a little bit Lana don’t you think?

To get this look, choose a slobby tee with either a cool logo or tie-dye/dip-dye pattern and layer it over with a denim shirt. I picked out a great denim shirt in my first grunge lookbook a few weeks ago so click here to see that. This Topshop top, £20, is perfect for the above look as it’s sweet and feminine but a great juxtaposition to more masculine denim.

To really give your denim shirt a real kick, pair it with some pastel shorts or a skirt like this model below. The shirt and bag keep the look grungy but it’s still a little girly.

Slogan tees are great for recreating this grungy yet pastel look, I love how Wildfox have used this simple tee in their latest campaign to make a real impact. Look out for cheaper alternatives on your high street to mix up your wardrobe and give it that grunge edge.

If you’re not into your slogan tees or patterns and you like going a bit more simple, there are some great grungy basics out there at the moment. I love this sleeveless knitted tee from Topshop, £22, but H&M also have some great similar ones in store now for half the price again.

This visual shows how keeping your outfit simple with a coloured tee can sometimes add the ultimate impact, and in the summer when you’re out to have fun, the last thing you want to be thinking about is your outfit.

Next up it’s bottoms and there’s no better way of showing how great grunge plus pastel shades can be, than in a pair of ripped denim shorts. Scuffed up denim has always been a go-to piece for a could-care-less look, and now high street stores are offering up distressed denim shorts in a multitude of pastel colours perfect for the summer. I love this visual below with the array of coloured denim, and I’m going to show you my favourite pairs for this season.

The coloured, distressed denim look is super Coachella and my tip for getting the best distressed look is to do it yourself. Check out the pair that the model is wearing below, you’ll seldom find a pair that destroyed instore, but you can definitely give them a unique roughed up look at home.

These pastel orange shorts from River Island are great for putting your own stamp on, and for £20 you won’t feel like you’re customising super expensive denim.

These gorgeous shorts also come in pastel pink which is great for mixing and matching with existing items from your wardrobe. Try clashing your shorts with a grungy bralet for a super Coachella-esque look, just like the image below. Or if bralet’s aren’t your thing, try one of the slobby tees featured before.

This pastel blue bralet is perfect for clashing with grungy shorts and a denim shirt, if you’re brave enough that is. The injection of colour is what makes this grungy pastel look really unique so make sure you always have one piece that adds a pop for a more summery take on grunge.

Lastly if shorts aren’t your thing you can always grunge up some pastel florals in a look similar to this image below.

If you love this look I posted all about a fabulous pair of Primark floral jeans this week, perfect for this look that are retailing at only £13, so click here to read all about them!

That’s it for today’s grungy pastel lookbook, I hope you enjoyed it and it maybe helped you with your summer wardrobe. Let me know if you’ll be trying out any of these looks, I love hearing from you guys! Just leave me a comment below or catch me on Twitter @MillieDelacoe. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow when I’ll be posting the final post in this pastel series, it’s all about aztec print! Until next time…

Millie x

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