Get Citizens of Humanity style floral jeans at Primark!

It’s official, Citizens of Humanity’s mandy floral jeans have been everywhere in recent months. I first spotted the floral denim on one of my favourite bloggers, Cheetah Is The New Black and since then have been besotted with them. It seems everyone who’s anyone in the blogosphere has bagged themselves a pair of this season’s £120+ ‘it’ jeans, and now you can get your hands on an almost identical pair for just £13 on the high street!

Above, one of my favourite bloggers Cheetah Is The New Black puts her spin on the Citizens of Humanity jeans, and it was this picture that made me fall for them in the first place.

As if they weren’t already incredible, then Lana Del Rey left her hotel in a pair, toning them down with a beige trench. Could they be more versatile?

Later Lana ditched the trench and hit the stage in them, creating another look again with a pair of beige heels.

Now is your chance to be seen in them! Primark is the place to pick up designer doubles this season, what with their Prada-esque car print (read my post on it here) and their Prabal Gurung style prom dress, but now they’ve stepped up to the mark and made the most amazing copies of the much-coveted Citizens of Humanity jeans too.

These gorgeous skinnies are so chic, yet so comfortable. I have worn little else since buying them little over a fortnight ago and cannot tell you how easy to wear they are. I’ve gone super glam and teamed mine with a gold jumper and grungy hardware and also toned them down with a navy roll sleeve tee for a relaxed daytime look. They’re easy to roll up if you want to wear them the Citizens of Humanity way, but they’re perfectly fitting for a more conventional skinny jean look too.

While the floral print on Primark’s jeans are more dense than the designer ones, they’re the perfect staple for your spring wardrobe. While I’m sure we’d all love to waltz around in skirts and shorts all day, the weather just isn’t stable enough to go out like that in the UK just yet. These jeans are the perfect compromise as they’re summery and floral, yet sensible, comfortable and warm. That’s a combination I like.

You can pick these great designer doubles up instore at Primark now for just £13, a complete steal. I’d suggest trying them on before buying as Primark’s sizing is not the most reliable but I’ve found that mine fit wonderfully.

What do you think of today’s designer doubles? Will you be picking up a pair of these or do you already love your original pair? Let me know as usual by tweeting me or commenting below. Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. Wow what a great find!! And thanks so much for the shout out… 😉 x

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