Style Inspiration: A Love Affair with Pink Hair

As a content blonde and having been that girl that changes her hair all the time throughout my uni years, I’m not about to grab some do-it-yourself dye and go pink. But, as of late I’ve had the most insatiable style crush on pink hair and can’t stop looking at it! You’ve probably noticed that my penchant for grunge this season has lead me to loving this hair trend and it’s the combination of both a grungy look with the pink ‘do that makes it so fabulously wrong-but-right. Ever since model of the moment Charlotte Free hit the catwalk with her candyfloss locks they’ve been the epitome of rebellious cool and it’s a trend I’m definitely coveting. Today after browsing endless blogs lusting after what I’d call the ‘it’ hair trend of the moment, I thought it’d be only right if I posted a homage. So here it is. Viva la pink locks.

What do you think of the pink hair trend and is it something you’re going to try? Let me know by leaving me a comment or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

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  1. Pink hair whether light or dark is stunning and I think complimentary to a lot of women.

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