The Nineties Lip

The Nineties Lip

To me, no lips say ‘nineties’ like a good neutral brown, and a contrasting dark lip. These two polar opposites epitomise the nineties and their heroines to me, and I find myself continuously oohing and aahing over the lipstick looks in early Friends episodes. So chic right now! On recently watching a video of Imogen’s (Imogen Foxy Locks on Youtube), I fell instantly in love with the neutral nineties lip she was wearing, and decided whatever it was, I had to have it. As it happened the lipstick was named 1995, how much more apt can you get!? I was never a nude lip fanatic, and probably never will be- I’m far too attached to my bold lips, but this brown, edgy, almost mauve-leaning lip I can definitely get behind! I headed straight online to Gerard Cosmetics to order the lipstick, only to find a barrage of other amazing lipsticks, one of them being Cherry Cordial, which I also have to show you today.

The Nineties Lip

We’ll start with 1995, because it is one of my holy grail lipsticks now, and as you can probably tell from the swatches of the bullet- I’ve used it a lot. It’s my new everyday shade, but it’s not as understated as a regular nude lip, as that just doesn’t feel very me. I need a bold lip. Need! 1995 is super smooth, the formula is creamy but not so that it ends up all round your mouth! I like a low-maintenance lipstick that doesn’t require constant touch-ups and mirror checking, as I’m sure we all do. No matter how bright the colour I apply, I want to know that it’s going to stay there! This formula is brilliant at keeping your lips feeling moisturised, but not to the extent of a balm, and its creamy texture is super comfortable to wear, but not overly mobile. It stays put once it’s on.

The Nineties Lip

Cherry Cordial was the second of the lipsticks I picked up, and it’s a gorgeous, sumptuous berry colour. As with a lot of dark lipsticks, this one is less forgiving than 1995. Exfoliation and good lip-prep is key so that this goes on nicely. Again as with 1995, once this is on, it’s not going anywhere, and while it’s similar in formula, I’d say this is a tad more drying than 1995. To get a really even, opaque coverage, this one needs to be layered, but again once you’ve got it on, you’re good to go. The stain that’s left behind after the initial colour has worn off is also stunning, so if you’re into the stained lips trend, dabbing this on and rubbing away the excess also makes a gorgeous just-bitten lips look too. It’s always good to get a bit of versatility out of such a strong shade!

The Nineties Lip

Overall the creamy formula of these and the colour pay off is well worth it. The finish of them both is a fab, nineties, not-quite-matte, not-quite-gloss middle ground, which I love being as all my other lipsticks are very matte, or massively glossy! The lipsticks cost me around £8 each after bundling them (a cheaper option if you’re buying more than one), making use of their free shipping offer that was running that day, and then using a discount code I found on Imogen’s video (here). The only bad side is that coming from the US, they do take 3 weeks to arrive in the UK, but that’s a wait worth going through right!? You can find 1995 right here, and Cherry Cordial here. That’s it for today’s post, be sure to let me know if you have these, or are planning on picking any up- I’d love to know! These and other great lipsticks were recently featured in my beauty haul (here) with live swatches on my channel, so be sure to check that out! I’ll be back this Sunday with a thrift haul for you guys, so I’ll see you then! Until next time…

Millie x

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