July Glossybox: Contents + Initial Thoughts

It’s nearing the end of July, and that means my Glossybox has finally arrived after a month of anticipation. This month I can already say that it’s my favourite box to date, as I’m excited to try absolutely everything, and I can tell that some of these products are going to be perfect for me. So without further ado, let’s see what my Glossybox was packed with this month.

The first item I received was a Bex London fragrance sample. The scents of Bex are apparently inspired by the ‘unique character and idiosyncracies’ of London. I really like the premise, the branding and generally the idea of these fragrances. I received W1X which is supposed to emulate the ‘high octane atmosphere’ of the West End. I find this scent a little dated, and it’s not particularly unique as the description would suggest. I don’t think you’d single this out as a scent you had to have, and being as the full size botle is £81, I can’t say I’ll be repurchasing it. It is a shame that the scent doesn’t live up to the ‘hype’ as such as I really had high hopes after seeing the packaging and reading the back story of the fragrance.

Secondly I received a very generous sample of Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Moisture Mist, which could not have come at a better time. As you may have heard me mention, I’m off on holiday very soon, and of course over the past few days Britain has warmed up considerably. That means that a moisture mist is a perfect addition to my handbag to keep my skin hydrated on the go. I’ll be spraying this on my face whilst on the beach to keep cool and spritzing the ends of my hair with it to stop them drying out. Of course as usual I’ll let you know how I get on with this in my follow up post.

The third product in my Glossybox was a Monu Eye Cool Gel which I’m so excited to try. I do have sizeable bags under my eyes in the morning that sometimes no amount of concealer can tackle, so I’m looking forward to seeing some de-puffing results from this. Being as I’ve got into wearing the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream at the moment (see my review of it here) I’m trying to wean myself off a full face of make up ready for holiday, so this will be perfect to de-puff my eyes before I apply my BB cream, and then hopefully I can skip the concealer too!

The fourth product I received is super exciting as it smells divine. The scent of this Jelly Pong Pong lip frosting is described as Irish Cream Pavlova and it is as scrummy smelling as it sounds. I haven’t tried any Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics before but I can tell this is going to be one I buy again. The colour is a gorgeous pinky coral that is really wearable thanks to the more sheer consistency of the gloss. It’s not sticky at all, which means I’m more likely to try this on my cheeks too as suggested on the packaging. I can’t get over how gorgeous it smells and the colour is perfect for summer too.

The second to last product I received was the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse which I’m looking forward to if only as it’s Nuxe. I’ve heard so many beauty bloggers and gurus rave about Nuxe and haven’t yet tried any of their products, so this will be my first. Although I still have plenty of Berber Oil left from the May Glossybox, I’m looking forward to running this dry oil through my hair though I’m not sure if I’ll rub this into my face and body as suggested, I’ll get back to you on that one!

Lastly is a ‘bonus product’ and it’s a set of Elizabeth Arden Gentle Hydrating Skincare sachets, cleanser, skin serum and hydrating cream. I’m going to give this a go the night before my holiday just to give my skin that extra glow before I hit the beach and I’m hoping it’ll live up to the claims on the packaging. Who knows, it could end up being a new favourite.

That’s it for today’s Glossybox contents and initial thoughts post, I hope you enjoyed it. As ever I’ll be back in two weeks to let you know how I’ve been getting on with the products in this month’s box, so stay tuned for that. Are you subscribed to Glossybox, what did you receive this month and what are you most excited to try? Let me know by leaving me a comment or tweeting me @MillieDelacoe. Until next time…

Millie x

Disclaimer: All images were taken and are owned by me. I am not affiliated with Glossybox or any mentioned brands in any way, all opinions are my own.

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