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Hey there guys, it’s Sunday, the end of the week and it’s on this day I do a lot of reminiscing about all the things I’ve been enjoying. As a beauty obsessive I’m always on Youtube checking out the latest tutorials and vlogs from some of my favourite Youtubers. Being as I know a lot of you are just as obsessed with all that is beauty here too, I thought I’d share my favourite videos of the week every Sunday from here on in. What do you think about that? Something you’re interested in seeing?

I’m subscribed to tonnes of great vloggers and beauty ‘gurus’ and although there have been some great uploads this week, here’s the five videos that have made it to my ‘favourites’ list. Needless to say, if you’re not already signed up to Youtube, it’s a great place for ideas and inspiration and these guys are all worth subscribing to, I highly recommend!

Firstly I’ll start with this quick and simple tutorial from professional make up artist Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo. Sam shows you how to get Dita Von Teese’s ’50s glamour look, a winner in my book as I’m a vintage lover particularly infatuated with the 1950s. Sam shows you how to do the look in ten minutes which is great because time is always of the essence isn’t it girls? What I love about Pixiwoo (and why you should subscribe) is that make up artists Sam and Nic always give honest product reviews while they’re doing tutorials and they use a mix of ‘drugstore’ and high end cosmetics. There’s always the option not to do a few steps too, if you want to tone down a look such as Dita’s, they’ll tell you which steps aren’t necessary and you can tailor the look to your taste.

So here’s the tutorial, don’t forget to click the YT link to leave feedback on their channel and of course, subscribe!

Secondly one of my newest subscriptions is a lady I think you should definitely all follow. Louise at Sprinkle of Glitter is as entertaining as she is knowledgable about cosmetics, there are always a few jokes thrown in her videos for good measure. In this video Louise shows you how to create a graduated glitter nail look, something I’ve wanted to try for AGES! This finally gave me the push (and confidence) I needed to give this look a go, and it’s so easy! I put Louise’s method to the test last week and the results were great (I’m kicking myself for not getting a picture!)

Enjoy the tutorial, like/comment/subscribe and send Louise some love, this look is fab!

P.S for my graduated glitter mani I used Orly’s Oh Cabana Boy (a bright neon pink) with gold glitter and it looked amazing. I bought thick gold glitter polish from Claire’s Accessories especially for this mani which was perfect and only £2.50, they have a great range of block coloured glitter polishes there so make it your first port of call if you’re going to do this and don’t have the right glitter. Next I’m doing gold over mint green…

Thirdly (and fourthly actually) are two videos from Pixi2woo’s Tanya Burr, a make up artist who is super lovely and who always recreates the latest celeb looks really well. Tanya was lucky enough to get behind the scenes at London Fashion Week and recorded segments from both the Mulberry and Burberry shows. These are great peeks into the shows themselves as well as little vlogs from Tanya who even met Cara Delevigne at Burberry!

Check out both the videos, they really are great insights into LFW, and don’t forget to comment/like/subscribe to Tanya’s YT channel!

Lastly, but by no means least, is an unrelated video! I know I said this was mostly beauty, but I just can’t leave out this video! Former Falmouth student (like me!) Huda Abdul Aziz has made this amazing video all about life in Falmouth, Cornwall and it truly epitomises the town and the feeling of being there. This video made me incredibly emotional as that town was where I spent the three best years of my life so far, graduated from university, met some of my best friends, and even started going out with my boyfriend. It holds a very special place in my heart, and even if it’s not somewhere you’ve been, or know of, you’ll appreciate the visuals anyway!

If you enjoyed this video, Huda has also used some extra clips left over from ‘I Heart Falmouth’ and made a more melancholy video called ‘What Was Once Home’ all about Falmouth which is worth checking out too!

Until next time guys, enjoy the videos and let me know what you think about videos of the week (VOTW?) every Sunday. Good idea, bad idea?

Millie x

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